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Sarah- The price, particularly on a harp at auction, is going to be what someone is willing to pay. People often ask me to evaluate an instrument, either because they are the owner and want to sell it, or they are the potential buyer and are thinking of purchasing it. In both cases the people ask me what the instrument is worth. I never give a fixed, single price. Ever. I always say, “It’s worth between X and X.” Between say $10,000 and $12,000 or $13,000. I always explain that, in the end what the instrument is worth is what someone else is willing to pay. I tell a potential seller, “You can ask any price you want. But I can’t promise you’ll find a willing buyer at the price you ask.” I also explain that, the higher the asking price, the smaller the pool of potential buyers. So trying to put a price on any harp on ebay, particularly when I can’t examine it first hand, is almost impossible.