Re: Re: Re: Harp-friendly neightbours, NOT!

Julie Koenig on #109262

Hi Micky,

I realize this doesn’t help your situation but I just had to share this story…

When I was in college in the mid ’80’s, my boyfriend (now my hubby) lived on the first floor of a row house. The neighbors above were two frat-boy wannabes. One of them was the brother of the landlord/owner so they thought they could do whatever they wanted. They would play ‘Quarters’ on the floor (Rob’s ceiling) and just caused a general ruckus. Once they had flushed so many, shall we say, prophylactics down their toilet that it backed up the sewage system into the basement. Fortunately, they had to clean it up themselves.

Anyway, Rob had recently purchased a new stereo system with pretty big speakers. We lay them on the floor face-up, put the radio on an adult contemporary station (Barry Manilow, Neil Diamond, Christopher Cross, etc.), set the volume on the Spinal Tap setting of ’11’ and went out for dinner and a long walk. You could hear “Bette Davis Eyes” from eight houses away.

Never heard a peep from them again.

Julie in Atlanta