Re: Re: Re: Harp, belly dancer and fire juggler.

Leigh Griffith on #111623

Hi Curly,

I’m glad it went well! My hubby and I have the same problem in our
respective businesses. We tend to want to be a bit too reasonable with
clients. My husband agreed to do barter with a client in exchange for
work on a laptop, then it was two laptops, then it was, “Where’s the
network card that was with it?” (neither of us remembers seeing a
network card), then it was, “There was a flash drive in it” (there
wasn’t that we saw), we bought ‘replacements’ so he would quit calling
about them, then the kicker was he figured his very rough carpentry
skills were worth $20.00/hour. We ended up paying him!

My bad was selling a quilt and then backing down when the buyer balked
at the 5% sales tax! I mentioned it to a friend and her response was,
“You WHAT?”

Live and learn,