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vince-pierce on #109463


My harp is four years old. I bought it from a harpist in Wisconsin who took very good care of it. It has a huge ringing sound that I absolutely love. It sort of ‘sings’ in a way, because it is so resonant. I also love the wide spacing. The harp has even darkened just a bit in its four years, so it is really in its prime. The Salzedo is really a striking harp (and very manly – surely you remember that post!). It suits me quite well, and several people have told me that already. Another great thing is that it fits in my car with extra space. I really couldn’t believe it fit so easily when I first picked it up in Wisconsin (I actually drove because it was too hot to ship). That was definitely a long trip, but well worth it! I’m currently ressurecting my blog so I’ll post more about that trip soon. I also ordered a custom bench from BBR Woodworks, which will be very nice to have. It should be able to fit on the dolly with the harp so I don’t have to make an extra trip for it, and I’ll be able to sit at the right height for my harp, which is quite tall. I’m only 5’4″ (apparently so was Salzedo), so I have to sit pretty high to play most concert grands.

I’m so happy to finally have a harp of my own, and especially to have the harp I’ve always wanted. It’s actually taking a while to sink in…but I know once I get to perform on it that will be the real reward. I guess I better go practice!!!