Re: Re: pet peeve?

carl-swanson on #106948

Sylvia-Unfortunately, the manner of writing pedals is very personal and not at all standardized. We’ve had other discussions about this on this forum. But that’s life. I would suggest to any harpist that they try to adjust to reading whatever pedals are written in(provided of course that they are correct) without whiting them out just to have them written in the way they are used to seeing them. It will make rental parts much cleaner in the long run, and will reduce your work load by a lot. So sometime, when you get a part with the pedals already written in, grit your teeth and try to learn the part using whatever pedal indications are already there. You may find that you can learn to read other peoples markings without too much trouble. Along the same lines, try to get used to seeing left over right and visa versa, pedals between the staves and also below, etc. After all, the needed information is there. It’s just not where you are used to seeing it.