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Steven- What a nice compliment. Thank you. When I bought this harp many years ago, it was a decrepit wreck. When I got it home and started working on it, the first thing I did was to take off the base. I unscrewed all the bolts but it wouldn’t budge. It took me several minutes to realize that some well meaning but misguided woodworker, in an attempt to prevent the baseassembly from pulling apart, had glued the pedestal onto the body and baseboard! That was why there was a long crack in the body shell on one side. I repaired the crack and it has never moved in over 20 years, but you can still see it there to this day.

This harp had an extended soundboard, but when I rebuilt it, I felt it prudent to replace the wing substructure. This harp had a wooden crown which was in terrible condition. When I rebuilt the harp 20 or so years ago I bought a new crown from L & H, which was made of solid brass. It was so heavy(3 pounds) that I could feel the difference when I played and moved it. So I took it off and have just left it that way.