Re: Re: My new harp!!!

unknown-user on #111497

Thanks Barbara for those finger tips!

I think we saw the same girl Dwyn. I believe it was Maryanne…. She was so helpful! She really had a great personality! I’m so lucky that a VHC was opened here in New jersey. I tried a few harps there, but I settled on that daphne. Everything pointed to it!

To tell you the truth, I admire those little wheels at the front of the harp! It’s very nifty for moving the harp around the house without really lifting it! So many good things. I’m in love with my harp.

However, I keep having nightmares about the harp and stairs…… I have about 15 stairs to get to my apartment. It makes me very nervous carrying the harp while on steps. I keep dreaming I’m going to drop it and see it fall. O_O It’s quite frightening… but i’m sure harpist use steps regularly, not by choice! :-) I guess I’ll be fine, I’ll just hold onto it for dear life…. haha