Re: Re: Minor buzzing problem

Owosso Harpist on #108081

I’m trying to follow you guys’ advice but right now I’m at a loss for words. Here’s the situation: The buzzing noise only occurs when the harp is in a natural pitch. Once D and E was the one that made the buzzing noise, now Middle C is beginning to make buzzing noise as well, making matters worse it seems. When I work the pedals, I changed the pitches only briefly before I get them back into the natural pitch, When I did, the strings seems to be plucked fine only to get back to making buzzing noises again. I made lots of guesses from ceiling fans to my metal music stand. Right now I’m assuming the metal music stand is the one that’s the culprit. If so, I’ll have to get a wooden stand. Assuming the action was a little dirty, I tried to clean it by using long handled brushes and cotton swabs, removing all that excess oil I find on the action. But the strings still produce buzzing noises, thus I’m assuming it has something to do with some of the mechanism being dirty or have slightly loose screws that I’m not aware of. Gilligan is a used harp, you know.