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I have a Limerick in walnut that I use in day to day gigs. Its a great harp. I don’t think it sounds as nice as my Ravenna (which is portable but far too big probably for what you want), but it has a great sound and projection for the size (its louder than the Ravenna).

I have played a harpsicle, but didn’t really like the tone of it. Having said that, I seem to remember it was smaller than the limerick and might do well for a travel harp. If you are going to do any performing with it at all, I would go the Limerick.

Musicmakers staff seem very nice and there are guarantees on their site that you can put it together yourself. I didn’t trust myself and had it premade.

The lap bar that they make as an accessory is a good investment and I can imagine it being able to be used on other harps.

Here is a video of me breaking a string on one at a gig last night: