Re: Re: Improper behavior of other harpist

carl-swanson on #148260

Onita- To me there is a difference between competitive bidding and undercutting. In competitive bidding several contractors give you a bid on how much they can do the job for, without being aware of who else is bidding and how much the other bids are. In undercutting, a competitor is simply saying that he/she will do the job for less than another competitor. I believe that is also called predatory pricing and that’s illegal, because its sole purpose is to drive the competition out of business. As I understood the original post, that’s what the other harpist was doing. She doesn’t seem to be concerned with making a profit or covering her costs. She just wants the job at any cost. She sounds unethical and at the very least should be confronted. Maybe by talking directly with her, some agreement or understanding can be reached. By talking to her she will at least know that her competition is on to her.