Re: Re: How many gardening harpists out there?

Leigh Griffith on #111263

-What part of the country (world?) are you in?

Northern Maine

-What’s coming up in your yard?


My husband and I used to have a 2000 sq. ft. organic vegetable garden.
Deer weren’t much of a problem, but raccoons, woodchucks and moose were
brutal! (The moose don’t eat anything, just step
on it!) We have since moved onto a large in-town lot (almost an acre)
and have hopes of having some raised beds this next summer. Arthritis
has put a crimp in our lifestyle (which means I have time for harp!),
but we both miss home grown food. I have had some half-barrel flower
planters by my front porch, but that has been the extent of my
“gardening” lately.