Re: Re: How did you afford your first harp??

sherry-lenox on #110619

My mother was an amazing woman, fiercely independent, an excellent manager, meticulous house keeper, great cook, the list goes on and on and on. My father was a clever craftsman who could do anything with making or fixing something that had to be done anywhere. Between them they saved a good bit of change. Most of it went to her care, and the last 5 years she was totally dependent on me, a role she despised, but came to tolerate.

She was always given to paying her debts, so when she died leaving a small amount to me, I had enough to buy a really fine harp. I have actually purchased 3 really fine harps, but in a year or maybe two, I will buy THE harp. It will have to have 32-34 strings and be embellished with a carved rose to honor their memory.