Re: Re: How did you afford your first harp??

unknown-user on #110616

Hi Kay,

Whoops! Thought they were teenagers that were sitting around at home playing computer games and spending all your money on expensive sneakers…

Well, good luck to your son in the Middle East. I can understand your gray hairs, and hope he is home soon. Brave young man!

Harps, yes, it’d be nice to have them all. I like the Athena and strangely like the straight board one alot. I heard one not so long ago and thought it very sweet. And the Clios are cute too…and acoustic electric is so versatile for gigs.. You could get one with all the curly wurly carving! (actually I quite like them plain….but threw that in for Briggs that has a “thang” for the Oriane)

All the best,