Re: Re: Harp-friendly neightbours, NOT!

unknown-user on #109261

Hallo Chris and thank

but I’m afraid my being accommodating doesn’t go that far. It
stops at saying a polite but clear “No” to her unreasonable
requests. I know what you mean, though. The point is, her flat is
right under mine, but my flat has two floors and the harp is
upstairs, so there’s a whole floor between where I play and her (I
hope my English is clear enough about this floor thing…). Very
rarely, I have taken my smaller harp downstairs, so directly above
her flat. She claims that it doesn’t make any difference whether I play upstairs or downstairs but… my smaller harp is a Camac Bardic 27 nylon strings (very similar to the Ravenna 26)! How loud can it go?? Maybe I should inform Camac about this miracle of sound projection that they have made… 😀