Re: Re: Favorite Harpist and why

Josiah hahaha on #111576

(I have seen the Alice video I have seen almost all the videos of good harpists on youtube lol…I actually put a couple of me messing around for fun)

I really like Park stickney. Nicest guy and fantastic harpist. Im also quite partial to Renie. I also havae the live album of Susan Mcdonald playing all of Renie’s music…. I didnt hear glitches or mistakes in legende. I mean the video o xavier playing on youtube has mistakes when he is playing legende. I will have to think about some more harpists and get back to you guys. I used to have a cd of the salzedo harp duo. I dont know where it went, the only song i think i remember is the metal song or something i liked that one.