Re: Re: Especially useful musical iPhone apps?

tony-morosco on #109784

Never seen that. Two things that would need to be looked at to see if it would work.

One is can you program the vibration for a specific duration? If you can’t precisely control the duration of the vibration then it really can’t be used for a metronome. Also how fast can you get the phone to vibrate in succession. I have never seen an instance where the phone vibrates short but fast bursts in a row which it would need to do in order to accommodate different time signatures and tempi.

The other is the effect on battery life. Making a phone vibrate actually takes a bit of energy, more than just making it make a sound. If the app causes the battery to drain too fast that would make it impractical.

Depending on these two factors I don’t why the metronome apps can’t be reconfigured to vibrate as well as sound.