Re: Re: Clunkers we have known and loved….

unknown-user on #107551

Now, if you had been exceedingly clever and devious Elizabeth, you would have convinced the “student of few lessons”, that she was now exceedingly brilliant and had outgrown this “old” 22, and it was holding her back…and that you would help her by taking it off her hands (and kindly pay her the price she paid you)….sneaky sneaky sneaky…

But seriously, those old 22’s were gorgeous, I’ve tried several times to get the conservatorium where I studied to sell me their old one, as it is very neglected and not even in use…think it’s in a storage cupboard.

I also played a really beautiful old Wurtlitzer, circa 1930’s – original board, neck, everything, not too badly warped, action a little loose but no major buzzes, clicks or clacks. The most incredible and gorgeous tone. It also has curly maple on the back of the soundbox that