Re: Re: Changing techniques

unknown-user on #87845

Interesting topic. My physio, and also with the Feldenkrais practitioner I see, have both spoken quite alot about “cross training” how every athlete these days does another sport of set of exercises to counter the ones they are doing in their primary sport. As if you do not, the muscles get thick and hard and inflexible.

The same with harp playing, I have a series of exercises that are the opposite, and work the opposite muscles that one uses when one plays. And yes, they did suggest stretching out the hands and fingers, and massaging the hands too.

I imagine for you also it would be vitally important to “unwind” all the muscles you use in your back and shoulders from standing over a workbench. If that makes sense. Swimming is one of the best, and is gentle, and if it is a heated pool will relax the muscles in general.