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Thanks for the vote of confidence…

As to your comment about finicky amatuers…I may have to take you to task on that. As well, I’m a finicky professional…as there is a point where you cannot make a silk purse out of a sows ear. All instruments are different, but there is a point where problems with a new instrument are just unacceptable and hamper it being called a musical instrument at all.

If an instrument will not keep its tuning for more than 3 pages of music, is so riddled with buzzes and twangs and dead patches that you cannot play it in public, and if the upper register will not speak at all, and you just get an odd slapping sound…and if discs consistently go loose (I had one where 6 went in one performance and I just could not continue). I suppose what I’m talking about here is an instrument with bad structural and mechanical problems that was only semi functional – and well beyond the norm.

But what I would like to point out is that I (and I think I’m a professional) did not initially know what was wrong with it..I just knew something was up. And in defense of amateurs, I think they (like me) just do not know what is wrong, but they can tell something is a miss. And if the companies that they had bought from took the time to talk to them about their concerns, well they would not remain confused.

There do seem to be alot of factory produced instruments coming out with “stuff” wrong with them from the outset as well, and I think this makes people paranoid. Which is understandable when you consider the financial outlay on a harp.

Companies just need to take the time to talk to players about it, in my opinion anyway.