Re: Re: Basic Method and Repertoire through High School

Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #88378

I agree that it is more important that students are comfortable with their technique, rather than try to plow through a lot of repertoire. I do not think there are required pieces for entrance to university music programs, but the students do have to pass auditions, theory and ear-training tests. As long as they can play pieces of varying styles and periods with musicality and reasonably good technique, they should be accepted at a reputable music school. That said, it would not hurt for your students to work on some standard pieces that might crop up, such as harp concerti by Handel, Mozart, etc., and chamber pieces such as the Danses Sacr��e et Profane and Introduction et Allegro. If they want to do competitions, they could check out the lists of required repertoire from past competitions and see what pieces are requested more than once.