Re: Re: Background music gigs, w or w/o music?

adam-b-harris on #148900

Sylvia, I’m out playing all the time, but I don’t play with sheet music as I don’t think its a good look and it leaves the possibility open for all sorts of nasty things to happen to the music while you are playing. As for the iPad, I think thats a wonderful application of the technology, but I’m yet to see an iPad out here, it hasn’t really caught on as being a must have gadget.

As far as a book of experiences goes, I haven’t seen/heard of anything like that, not for harp at any rate. I live in western australia, if you were to cut australia into 3 equal pieces vertically, WA would be the left bit. There are no harp shops in WA. I would be surprised if there were more than 6 players doing gigs. In some ways, it is a very primative and isolated place. I’ve started a bit of a blog about the kind of things that happen at my gigs on my website ( but since I’ve started the blog, not much has happenned!

Things are much better on the east coast, with more people, more harpists, some shops and manufacturers (Andrew Thom, Denwar, Branden Lassels etc).

If I see any books on playing experiences, you will be the first to know.

have a great day