Re: Prokofiev Piece for Harp

unknown-user on #88425

P.S. Prokofiev used harp quite extensively in his orchestral music. While certain works of his are well-known, he wrote many more which are not and bear investigating. I have found his music to be exquisite, and unique in style. The more I listen to, the more I appreciate his unique approach and his rich colors. It has helped clarify the style of the Piece for harp very much, as it is so different from the Prelude in C. He was one of the greatest composers of the twentieth century, and in terms of continuous growth, I would dare say more so than Stravinsky, whose music became more and more arid and devoid of interest overall, to my taste. If I were to say Prokofiev was the greatest of the Soviet composers, it would not be to detract any from Shostakovich, whose music I love, so perhaps I won’t say it, but they are certainly equals. But who wrote more for harp? Prokofiev. No solos from Shostakovich.