Re: Programs for Senior Citizens

robin roys on #145880

I used to work for a religious, high end Retirement Center, as their choir director. They DO have money but don’t want to spend it on their residents. Believe me…their bottom line is money and how to MAKE it.

An honorarium is nice but the BEST way is to sell CD’s. I sold 10 cd’s for $10 each and THAT made the experience slightly better.

I’ve played the harp for 35 years and I just don’t see the “return” for reducing my rates. I’ve not gotten more gigs out of it. It’s a “nice” thing to do but a lot of work and expense for little financial return.

If you are a music TEACHER, needing a free place for your students to perform, I can see doing it at the senior center. At least you get something out of it.

Guess I’m getting cynical in my old age. Why is it okay for every other venue to make money but when it comes to music, we are asked over and over, to donate????