Re: Practice Suggestions…

Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #87860

For tips on how to maximize the impact of your practice time, get Philip Johnston’s book, “The Practice Revolution” from Ditto everything Carl said. Also, be very analytical when you practise your technique. Slow down and really listen to the sound each finger makes, then make changes if that sound is not what you want to hear. Buy some good technical exercise books such as Lariviere, and go through them with your teacher. Identify what you feel is weak about your technique and set about isolating the problem, fixing it, and repeating the fixed technical excerpt until it’s as natural as walking. Practise scales, arpeggios, trills, octaves, inversions, ornaments, harmonics, any patterns that you can think of, and also practise dynamics and shading. Do all this while scrupulously staying relaxed and breathing through it all. If your fingers or arms feel tight, imagine how tight they will feel in a performing situation!