Re: Playing the Harp in Movies

unknown-user on #111143

The scene in the Matrix, in the resteraunt, where one of the characters is about to go over to the “dark side”, there is a harpist playing in the background. You just just get to see her hands and harp, but hear her in the background throughout. The movie was filmed in Sydney, the harpist is Verna Lee (a Sydney gal), and the resteraunt is the revolving (not revolting) resteraunt at the top of the Sydney tower.

There is also a harpist in a resteraunt scene in the 80’s Tony Danza movie, “She’s Out of Control” (which is dreadful) . The harpist though is quite good and very funny. Tony Danza wants an excuse to leave the room, so complains that the music (a harpist) is too loud and that he just has to leave. The harpist plays enthusiastically some bach like piece, as loudly as she can….I think her name was Jan Bina or something similar. Anyone know her?