Re: Playing the Harp in Movies

unknown-user on #111135

Excuse me, but I am certain that it is Gail Laughton’s hands you see in the movie “The Big Store”, where the edit from Harpo beginning and ending the lengthy sequence to another pair of hands is quite obvious, and the playing is sufficiently different to show that Harpo is indeed playing in the other movies. My favorite has always been “A Night in Casablanca.” There is a movie, the title of which I have forgotten, in which the characters go to a nightclub, and sit at a table and actually listen to a harpist play a lengthy solo, but I can’t remember the movie. It was a leading man like Cary Grant or Gary Cooper, it was from the 1940s.
On television, “Golden Girls” and “Frasier” featured excellent harp guest spots, as did “Cheers.”