Re: Playing Harp and Secondary Instrument

Kay Meek on #108624

My primary instrument is the classical guitar and the harp is another new found love. I’m finding that it takes a lot of concentration to think of the lower strings being farther away from my face as opposed to the guitar’s lower strings being closer. Somehow it all seems opposite.
I think that as I learn and practice more, it will become more natural. I can’t wait for the day that I feel like the strings of the harp are simply an extension of my fingers and it is just automatic to know how far to stretch for that next string to make a chord or to play the melody.
I play the piano, accordion, organ, flute, recorders, guitar and now I’m learning the harp. I think that learning any musical instrument helps makes it easier to play another.

I do see that playing 2 instruments does split that time on each.
My time is always an issue… but playing the harp is something that I
very much want to do, so I’ll make time for it. I just might not spend
as much time on the internet, or cooking supper, or washing clothes, or
vacuuming, or other mundane things.