Re: Playing Harp and Secondary Instrument

Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #108621

Truly, my whole life is that of a musician. I am always and forever practicing something. I play piano, did my bachelor’s on organ and voice and my master’s in voice. As an organ major, I studied harpsichord. I’ve also played and studied flute for many years, and play French horn on the side. None of this interferes with my harp practice. It always comes first. I wedge in the other stuff here and there. I never really concentrate on more than 2 instruments at the same time anyway. For instance, I recently acquired an organ gig so I had to practice my chops on organ for awhile again. But my harp practice is a daily event and takes most of my practice time. I sing everyday on the job, so that keeps my voice in shape. I play the piano everyday too, so that keeps that going. I also play my flute regularly on my job. I love my job. 🙂