Re: My new harp!!!

unknown-user on #111504

Welllll…… Harps must be heavier eh? My Salvi seems to want to kill me…. It’s so heavy! I didn’t think 60 pounds or so would be this difficult to move… but it is!

So it seems I can’t /really/ carry it anywhere. I have a cart with 10 inch wheels with two straps holding the harp on(just got this cart), and now I can move it down the steps simply! but I can’t /really/ bring it back up…….. There seems to be these little “lip” ends on the steps, which makes it hard to roll the wheels over it.

I don’t really have all that much might to pull it over these humps…. but at the same time, lifting it a whole step is REALLY difficult.

Am I just weak? Or do other people have these same problems….