Re: My new harp!!!

unknown-user on #111500

Hi Christopher,

Congats on your new harp, how exciting for you! I went a bit beserk myself when I finally got a harp that was right for me, so I know what you are feeling!

Thanks for mentioning the your Daphne projecting a little more than the 85 – as they all vary so much don’t they – and often the opposite is what one expects. It’s good to keep up with all the variety of experiences out there.

For blisters, I use micropore tape that you get from the pharmacy – its a thin surgical tape that breaths, and does not give a harsh sound like a bandage. It might be called something else in your “neck of the woods” but the pharmacy should be able to advise on it. I also use it when a blister begins to form when I’m practising.

Hope this helps.


PS. I like the crazy glue tip..have not heard that one before.