Re: My new harp!!!

unknown-user on #111487

Thanks all for the lovely responses!! :-) I’ve been playing and playing and playing! I’ve adjusted to the pedals really well. ( saves my hands! But i’ll still miss my lever harp….)

Well, now one of my fingers is getting kind of sore. =( I guess that’s a part of pedal harping. I’m used to folk tension with thinner strings! I hope I don’t get a blister! I have my first gig with my new harp(which i cant move yet….. =| ) next Saturday!

Also, I saw a ton of different harps at the VHC store here in NJ. One of them, that really peeked my interest was a Salvi Erard(in rosewood with gold trim!) and a Camac Athena! It was a 46 string. It was priced really well, but my 40 string daphne just fit in my jeep! Glad I made this decision! :-)

Are my fingers going to get blistery? I’m worried. The gig is in a week. =|