Re: Musicians or Dreamers?

carl-swanson on #107326

To all of you above- Everything in life starts with a dream. Every invention, every work of art, every new concept(like for example, democratic government) starts with a dream. That doesn’t mean that every dream is feasible. That part, exploring the feasibility of the dream, comes next, and is the hard part.

I think it’s great for all of you to follow that dream. HOWEVER, you also have to explore all of the territory that goes along with that dream. How exactly will you make a living if it pans out? How much money can you expect to make and how much time is it going to take up? Will it be so all-consuming that you have no time for family life or anything else for that matter? What are the skills that you need to pursue this dream and do you have them? I agree that if you don’t at least explore your dream, and perhaps try to follow it now, you will grow old always wondering “what if.” So go ahead and pursue it. But pursue it with eyes wide open and head clear, and be prepared at any moment to change course and go in a different direction. That’s not failure. That’s learning.