Re: Music you personally dislike, but still respect

Julietta Anne Rabens on #110741

Also, I have a mixed response to Asian classical music. There is some I take to immediately and some that really challenges my ears. With that I have been making a conscious effort to comprehend some of the more challenging examples like certain examples of Korean music. Japanese shakuhachi and koto music I take to instantly. Asian classical can serve as a primary example of what I am talking about here because it is quite challenging to many Western ears, and yet it is rather difficult to dispute the sophistication and meaning in this music.

I will also add that I have sometimes played a game with myself pretending I have never heard a dominant seventh chord resolving to a triad and listen to the music described in the opening post with “fresh ears”. I notice the absolute joy of the performers on PBS playing the Strauss waltzes with the helium balloons ascending at the end of the program and it makes me feel really good just seeing the joy it brings. I also pay attention to the phrasing and can appreciate the skill and nuance that some performers execute.