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Karen Johns

I have a Voyageur that I built and I love it! I also have a wire-strung Limerick as well, in addition to a 66-string redwood hammered dulcimer from Musicmaker’s, both built from kits. I purchased the performance set strings for my Voyageur, and am in the process of installing Truitt levers on both harps (I highly recommend these levers). I know this is an old thread but I just had to comment on the quality of this harp model. The sound is ethereal, even at only 11/2 years old! Can’t wait to experience the tone after the soundbox has fully finished its “belly-up” process! I am an avid amateur folk harper and this is as good as it gets for me. Really don’t have the desire (as many harpers seem to) to move on to a pedal harp. Musicmaker’s has fulfilled my musical dreams, and they are wonderful people to work with, always there to answer any questions. Couldn’t ask for better service or a better harp for the price!