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Thanks so much for your reply. I’ve since “played”–and asked actual players to play for me–this battered and well-used harp alongside a gorgeous Rees Glen Aulin, and another Dusty, and I confess I’m still just enchanted by the sound of the old Axline.

But will the cracked soundboard become an issue? There are two large cracks, each running with the grain, all the way across the width of the soundboard. Here’s where my ignorance really bothers me: the voice of the harp is still gorgeous despite the cracks, but how will the harp hold together if the soundboard is broken?

Also, the I have no idea (and the owner doesn’t seem to know either) what kind of levers are on this harp, since they don’t really look like any of the ones commonly used now. If one fails, I’d likely need to replace them all, wouldn’t I?

All in all, it’s simply that I fell in love with the “voice” of this particular harp–and if I understand properly, *that* is a very individual quality. Even another Axline will have a different sound, right?

So what to do when you’ve fallen in love with a harp which may or may not last another winter? And is there any way to tell?

Thanks again, for your kind suggestions, and for listening to my rambles.