Re: “Mean Girls?”

unknown-user on #111325

It is important to find some way to escape from overly negative and defensive/offensive behaviors. It can be baffling to encounter these things, but it does help to realize that people do a lot of projecting and reliving negative experiences. I try to remind myself that these often have nothing to do with me or the present situation. It can take a while to build people’s trust to the point that they form more accurate assumptions. Fear creates convoluted interactions that only spiral downward. Being immersed in the negativity makes it hard to not get pulled down by it. That is why I love to find a place that is completely free of these things. The quiet of nature is one escape. A loyal pet provides another reminder of how to think the best of others with ease. I love the way animals don’t hold grudges. I hope to be more like that. I’m not sure it’s possible without some escape from it though. I’m sure I’ve made mistakes that were misinterpreted as well. It takes time to break these cycles both within and around our lives. My heart does go out to people beaten down by these negative behaviors.