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The Harpsicle® harp was designed to be a very compact, light (4 – 5lbs), inexpensive, tough (this is a great harp to take to the beach or to bring on a hike), good sounding harp that could be carried on an airplane and stored in most overheads or garnet closets. It is roughly patterned after the Gothic and Renaissance harps with their narrow soundboxes and expressive, light tension. It is not meant to compete with thousand dollar plus harps or a large, much heavier Ravenna 26. (The Ravenna being of a size which is neither a lap harp or a floor harp, hence the need for the leg.) In case you are not aware, I do build a two thousand dollar plus lap harp, the Morgan Megahan, which has an incredible voice but is larger, heavier and, of course, vastly more expensive, than is the Harpsicle® harp.

I have been making instruments for forty years. Neil Young and band members of the Johnny Carson Show have been some of my patrons. My Rees Concert Line Harps are played by Maíre Ní Chathasaigh, who is the top Irish harper, double Grammy® winning harpist Marta Cook (playing with Yo-Yo Ma, Grammy® winning harpist Carol Thompson (playing with Paul Winters), Ray Pool etcetera etcetera. I do not design nor make “twangy” sounding instruments (including the Harpsicle® harp) as Gloria misstates in two of her postings. It is a mistake to confuse poor playing technique or bad YouTube recordings with the qualities of the instrument. The Harpsicle® Harp is probably the most used harp the world in therapy programs. You cannot have a “twangy” harp in these programs. They are used by the Irish Harp Centre, Hong Kong Harp Ensemble, San Francisco