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Deb, Maria, Gloria:

In your last postings you decided to make things up about what I think and then believe them (that everyone has to agree with me, everyone should rave about my harps, apparently my opinion is arguing, that I believe I’m the one truth regarding harp sound). Those have never been my thoughts. Gloria, you don’t have to like the Harpsicle Harp or it’s sound or the YouTubes that I suggested seeing. But did you even look at them before deciding to continue bashing? Apparently my postings were not read in the manner that I had hoped or the three of you were totally unable to understand what you read since it did not fit your narrow view.

Our small group of people are very proud of the Harpsicle Harp program. We individually hand make (no computer C&C machines) each Harpsicle Harp, over 8,000 so far, for programs around the world bringing new found joy of the harp to children and adults. Our little tiny company has so far beat the Pakistani and Chinese at their own game and we are doing our part to off set the US trade deficit. What have the three of you done other than to hide behind the power of anonymity with your venomous keyboards. Since your so holy, why don’t you post yourself playing on YouTube and let other harpists and harp makers with your attitude have go at it.

I was having dinner with Ray (Dusty Strings) several years ago and he mentioned through his own experience that he learned not to deal with harp chats or forums just for this reason. Thanks for the reminder and the lesson you taught me. I’m done with you! May your harp strings break.