Re: Just wanted to mention

sherry-lenox on #107341

It’s a straight board with a warm tone. The carving and gilding are very GRAHND but the board decoration is a very simple outline of the board with a little turn back on itself at each of the corners. SO PRETTY!

I loved the Arion when it came out, but my teacher’s Salvi has a very tiny space between the neck and the highest strings, so I was afraid it wouldn’t work with my hand.

This harp came with the original case, which weighs about as much as a small family room. My husband could handle the C easily after having lugged the 85P around, but the case is huge! It has what I guess is the original Wurlitzer logo on the side. Definitely part of the fun!

I was able to practice much on it today because it’s still not stable in pitch, but I’m looking forward to doing at least some of my lesson practicing on it tomorrow.

I have a couple excellent pictures already, so once I figure out how to post them I will do so. For now, back to tuning……….:)!