Re: John Rutter’s Requiem harp

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The harp part for both versions is on rental only, so ask the librarian to order the music early. Most publishers will send rental music 10 weeks in advance of the first performance. The scores are available for sale from any sheet music dealer.

RUTTER, John (b.1945)
2 Versions. Texts (in Latin and English) from the Missa pro Defunctis,
the Book of Common Prayer, and the Psalms.
Requiem aeternam, Out of the deep, Pie Jesu, Sanctus, Angus Dei –
The Lord is my shepherd, Lux aeterna.
Soprano Solo—Mixed Choir—Small Orchestra.
Soprano Solo—Mixed Choir—Chamber Ensemble.
Duration:37:00 to 40:00.
Pub: HINSHAW MUSIC for the U.S.A. only. 1-800-568-7805
Oxford U.P. via C F Peters Corporation for Central & South America.
Oxford University Press for all other countries.