Re: Is it just me, or WHAT? A RANT!

Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #148749

I am spending my Christmas holidays re-writing most of the “harp parts” for a Pops show that shall go un-named. The arranger obviously wrote everything on a computer, because I don’t think this could even be done on a piano. There are some pieces, I kid you not, with a tempo of 176 to the quarter note, that have running 32nd notes going all over the map in unusual patterns that would bring any rhythmic pulse to its knees, even it were playable. Oh, yes, and chromatic scales here and there. I am so glad that I thought to get the music in advance, otherwise I would have gotten this two days before the show, like everyone else. There are no indications as to what is exposed and what is covered in the orchestration. Oh, and one piece was done with all the notes in the treble clef, even though they go down into the C in the bass clef. Meanwhile, the bass staff is empty. I just went over to the computer and re-wrote it on my Sibelius software so that it’s readable. I should be getting copyists’ fees.