Re: Improper behavior of other harpist

sherry-lenox on #148263

But be aware that on their “special, special” day, the bride will be wanting to spend more on her dress and her cocktail weenies than on the quality of the music.

I find the lack of decorum, intelligence, and common sense in the average bride appalling. A high percentage of the brides I read about want present day popular music and cheap, in that order.

I don’t perform at weddings very often, but I have had a lot of social experience with brides and see this all the time.

A girl who will happily spend $5,000 on a dress because she deserves to look lovely on this one-and-only day will carp about paying $500 for a musician who has been in the business for twenty years, and take a cheaper one.

The important thing is to not allow your self respect and pride to take a nose dive because this happens. The pendulum will swing back, and today’s brides will look at their ultra expensive wedding movies in 20 years and think “Why did I choose that awful music for something so important?”.