Re: Improper behavior of other harpist

laura-smithburg-byrne on #148279

Saul, we come from the same school of thought about professional codes of conduct and manners with other harpists. I remember very well my teacher would not tolerate “diva” behavior and expected us all to support each other as colleagues in the harp world. There were harpists who became world class international harpists at my conservatory and there were hard working students without such accolades and everyone got along fine. There were lots of differences in personality but there was always a level of professionalism with one another, even if you weren’t best friends. We shared gigs, subbed for each other, and helped each other professionally in the community. I have always tried to carry that work ethic with me and tried to be friendly and generous and share whatever gigs I couldn’t do with other professionals in my area including “hungry” newcomers who introduced themselves.
I remember all too well being young and hungry, but I would never presume to poach work from other professional harpists.
I would ask to be put on their sub list for freelance work.
I gave recitals, I took every gig that was offered to me, I helped other harpists whenever I was asked and I paid my dues.
I understand everyone’s opinions on this thread and can appreciate their perspective and work philosophy regarding freelance work in their area.
But I am talking about something else here that is manipulative and predatory in the freelance harp world.
There is an air of entitlement that some people have that is extremely unprofessional and disrespectful to others.
It is absolutely “Mean Girl” behavior and it is shocking when someone goes after your hard earned work and does it with such brazen arrogance.