Re: Improper behavior of other harpist

eliza-morrison on #148274

Years ago when I lived in a major urban area with lots of music conservatories and professional harpists, the harp community used to get together regularly to make sure that we were all charging similar rates for events such as weddings. As far as I can recall, every gigging harpist participated in these meetings and everyone was extremely ethical about setting rates. That way, it was not to a bride’s advantage to “shop around.”
That’s not to say there weren’t occasional other violations of trust. At one point I was being considered for a job at a newly opening hotel on the waterfront; two other harpists were candidates for the same position. One of them blurted out, in her interview, that I was pregnant. Indeed I was, but it was certainly not her place to say anything about that to a prospective employer. I believe she did so simply to try to eliminate me from the running. Happily, the hotel hired me anyway, and when I took maternity leave, hired a temporary replacement whom I recommended for the job.