Re: How many gardening harpists out there?

Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #111266

I have a rock garden and a garden all around my patio, and another around my deck. Then I have one under the bedroom window, one along the front of the house, one along the garage and a small garden out in front where my maple tree is with a fountain. It’s too much work as time goes on. I hate the intense heat we have gotten in the past few years. The gardens need work. I will try to get out there in the early spring and drop a bunch of Preen down when I see that the good stuff has come up already. Guaranteed I will have to plant some new things in the patio garden. It was too dry last year and I lost some good stuff. We’ll see. The thing I like is watching it all come up. The thing I hate is weeding. YUCK.