Re: How many gardening harpists out there?

louise-vickerman on #111262

Being a Brit, I think gardening is in my blood! I have a huge yard with probably over 3 dozen different rose bushes – pruning season is hazardous, sometimes I look like I have been attacked by a pack of rabid cats! Come June the walk up the front path is a glorious sight and scent and my students all appreciate it. I love working in the garden and find it to be kind of a meditative experience and really grounding working over the earth.

Last year my husband’s Mom bought the house next door to us and is currently renting it out but we now have almost 1/2 an acre of land in downtown Salt Lake to take care of since her back yard was not landscaped and is a huge expanse of bare earth. We took the opportunity last summer to plant vegetables (LOTS! I got especially carried away with squash plants) and won four ribbons in the Utah State Fair agriculture division in September! We were still eating our tomatoes in December (at the end of the growing season before the first frost, pick as many green tomatoes as you want, wrap them in newspaper and store in a cool dark place, they will continue to ripen. Although they won’t be as sweet as ones picked off the vine, they still beat the store bought variety).