Re: Hindemith

Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #88236

ein wenig means a little or a bit, which is a much smaller amount, I would say, than rather

To get back to fingering, I think that a smooth fingering would make it possible through articulation to create the desired effect, but I haven’t been able to get it comfortable enough to find out for sure. If we want to do it more as written, then I think I would reverse hands, to end with the right hand on top, giving the left hand plenty of time to get to the bass muffle on the next beat. My fingers aren’t slender enough to assuredly avoid hitting the a string, and at the indicated tempo, I don’t think I could flatten them either, though I know the trick. With a little reflection, I don’t think the fact that the arpeggio is in parallel fifths necessarily indicates choppiness. The following phrase certainly has a somewhat smoother though angular outline, and the movement as a whole is very melodic, so smoothness might be quite valid. I found using a Bea Rose formula was the most convenient, smoothest, and the least jumpy: 14 3 2 1 left and 4 3 2 14 right after the first pair of fifths in each hand. But I’m not sure. It’s very hard to hear or imagine at the tempo the effect, and if it amounts to two audibly different qualities in the same phrase, which is perhaps not desirable. Well, anyway, this summer I will write my article about all the possible fingerings. Thanks for the input.