Re: Hindemith

J P on #88234

alright folks get your scores out and follow along. Starting from Mvt 1

mabig schnell/ moderately fast

ruthig,ein wenig frei/quiet, rather free

verklingen/perden dos..not quite sure on that one

neu beginnen/beginning anew


zuruckhalten und verklingen/ beats me 🙂

Im HauptzeitmanB/tempo 1


Im HauptzeitmanB/Tempo 1




Now for the translation of the text in the 3rd Mvt…

Oh my friends, when I am dead and gone, hang the little harp there behind the altar where on the wall the shimmering half light catches the funeral wreaths of many departed. Then the good sexton will show the harp to visitors, stirring it to sound as he touches the red riband that hangs from the harp and floats beneath the golden strings. “Often” he says in wonder, “at sunset the strings unbidden murmur like humming bees; the children, called hither from the churchyard, have heard it, and seen the wreaths aquiver”

L.H. Chr. Holtry