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For me, it’s like your wardrobe of clothes. You don’t have one outfit that suits all occasions, do you? Same with harps, if you can swing it financially. We’re lucky in the harp world to have so many options-acoustic, electric, big, small, wire, fluorocarbon strings, cross-strung and more. This is why I have several different harps-well, at least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it for hubby purposes. If you could only have one harp you might not want a carbon fiber one, but it has its place for its many unique features.

The carbon fiber harps sound pretty good, altho they can tip over kind of easily. I’d be a little worried about an even taller pedal harp in a wind. Dave Woodworth sunk a LOT of money into the R&D on this project tho, and I think we should all thank him for pushing the envelope in the harp world. It seems to me the lever harp world is so much more innovative than the pedal harp world…