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I don’t think that anyone should have any fear that wood harps are going to all be replaced with carbon fiber some day. After all we have had electric harps for quite a while now but they still haven’t replaced acoustic.

These same arguments were being made when Les Paul and Leo Fender started playing around with solid body electric guitars. People said they didn’t sound like guitars, they had too much plastic and metal, they were going to ruin the legacy of guitar music, etc…

But the world found that there was room for both acoustic and solid body electric, and each had it’s place. And the electric guitar has probably gotten more people into making music than any other instrument ever invented. It practically single handed created several new genres of music, and expanded the musical landscape for all time.

There will always be wood, acoustic harps, just as there will always be wood, acoustic guitars. The sound of carbon fiber will have it’s place just as the sound of electric has its place and each instrument will fill its niche and the world will go on with everyone still able to make the music they want on the kind of instrument they want.

Heartland clearly thinks that it can do something unique by trying to be the first to fill this particular niche. Good for them. That takes innovation and vision. I wish them the best.